4 common myths about moisturizing skin

Caring for the skin is essential at any age. An important step in skin care is moisturizing. Today there are many opinions on how to carry out this procedure. In this article we examine the most popular myths about hydration.

The first myth: more rich cream hydrates the skin better

Not always dense and thick texture of the cream says that it will be good to moisturize the skin. Much more important is not the density of the cream and its composition. It must contain substances that will nourish, soften and saturate the skin with essential moisture. For example, ceramide that help restore the lipid layer of the skin, not giving a steaming, the vitamin B5 that give the skin elasticity, smoothness and radiance. Often in the compositions of the creams there is glycerin, which also retains moisture in the cells of the skin. When choosing a cream it is necessary to look and for what skin type it is intended.

The second myth: only dry skin needs moisturizing

It is believed that since the purpose of a moisturizer is naturally moisturizing, normal, oily and combination skin it is not soft. It would seem logical, however, it is fundamentally not true. The hydration needs of any skin type, even oily. The fact that the skin due to the increased solar activity is able to lose moisture, which needs to be restored to prevent the appearance of sagging and wrinkles. If you do not moisturize oily skin, lack of moisture will cause the sebaceous glands to work harder, which will lead to acne. Daily hydration is necessary, regardless of its type.

The third myth: moisturizer with SPF protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation

Of course, this cream protects the skin from the sun, however, not completely. This is especially true for owners of light skin. Girls with skin prone to pigmentation, the essential sunscreen with SPF protection of at least 35, and 50 is better. Someone and a simple moisturizer with SPF protection.

The fourth myth: the skin was hydrated enough to drink water

Adults need to drink daily 8 glasses of water. This is to maintain the normal functioning of all organs. However, the skin gets moisture later, so it needs to be moistened additionally. Every girl of the house should be a moisturizer that will prevent wrinkles, skin smoothness and elasticity.