3 the best substitute of cream

Despite the fact that the word «cosmetics» was not yet 150 years, mankind enjoyed all that, today, we mean beauty products. And, as you can guess, their composition was not odious parabens, colorants nor suspicious, nor really have an unexpected anti-corrosion additives.

Modern beauty, having tried pounds and not very expensive creams, began to think about vintage beauty tips and tricks. But remember there is that. The ancient Romans cleverly got rid of the wrinkles astringent herbs skin bleached sour milk, and protected oils and animal fats. Women of Ancient Russia about facial skin care not less anxious than their contemporaries in other parts of the world. In the course were familiar foods:

  • all dairy products;
  • honey;
  • animal fat;
  • eggs (mainly the yolks);
  • vegetables (carrot, cabbage, beet, cucumber).

From freckles get rid of a decoction of parsley and cucumber juice, porous and oily skin put in order the infusion of cornflower.

Of course, compared to today, the Arsenal of beauty was a bit sparse, but consisted of natural and effective means. So, which of them today can be replaced cream.


Highly dispersed milk fat contains lecithin, unsaturated fatty acids, rich in vitamins, enzymes, mineral substances, sugars. Due to the large fragmentation and the extremely small particle size (it is high variance), milk fat is well absorbed by the skin, which means that all these nutrients freely exert their beneficial effect.

Regular washing with milk eyes brightens the skin, restores its elasticity and freshness, smoothes wrinkles.


  • Fresh milk dries due to the high content of alkalis.
  • Dairy products are more gently: nourish and a good clean at the same time bleaching.
  • Wash lactic acid products can be kept up, and the fatter the skin, the more acidic they should be.

Coconut oil

This is a real panacea for oily and sensitive skin. With balanced chemical composition with a complex of vitamins (thiamin, Pantothenic and folic acid, pyridoxine), ascorbic acid, Niacin (PP), coconut oil and delicately at the same time actively struggling with shallow wrinkles, helps to get rid of acne, heals wounds.

Like all oils, coconut oil is used in pure form and in masks.

What not to do:

  • Instead of cream for the eye contour apply to eyelids castor or almond oil to be swelling.


Perfectly cleanses and moisturizes the skin, providing a pronounced lifting effect. It can be used not only as an ingredient in masks, but also as a base for moisturizer homemade. Unlike other home based cosmetics dairy products, eggs or herbal decoctions, it can be stored for long periods.

Especially invaluable beeswax in the winter, when the skin should be protected from dehydration.

Pharmacy vaseline and glycerin do not have to be present in the cream, especially homemade. Vaseline creates on the skin airtight film, and glycerin the lack of moisture in the air begins to absorb the water contained in the skin.

No creams – no expensive proprietary or home-cooked – will not make the skin beautiful if there are problems with internal organs. So the best replacement cream is care about your health and good mood.