3 sexy dominant female face

Why do some women’s faces literally attracts men’s views? That is a sexy dominant woman’s face? Review for this reason gives the experts of medical and aesthetic cosmetology, doctors of the center of beauty «Noble Manor».

According to psychologists, women look most men perceive on a subconscious level. And, regardless of the purpose of Dating (flirting, or serious relationship), the main criteria of attractiveness are those that indicate youth, health, temperament and the ability to produce healthy offspring.

On a woman’s face, the main aesthetic and sexual dominant is, of course, lips.

The fact that the lips and the area around them is the hormone-dependent area of the face. Supple, juicy lips is a sign of youth and health. The volume is also important. Chubby mouth with one hand, testifies to the temperamental nature of its owner. On the other hand, plump lips – the prerogative of the children’s faces, which is associated with youth and purity.

Apparently so, lip augmentation is one of the most popular procedures of aesthetic cosmetology. However, to achieve the desired effect of attractiveness only when the work is done impeccably: the effect of natural proportions, shape and size in harmony with the features of Your face. For each case selected special equipment and medications. Someone will need contouring of the lips, some increase, some reinforcement of the area around the mouth. In some cases it is sufficient to «work through» the arch of Cupid and columns filtrum (a dimple above the upper lip), and lip will acquire tremendous attractiveness. The latest «trick» — lip augmentation masonite. With their help it is possible not only to contribute lips (the effect of «netselovannaya» of the mouth), but also to preserve the youth of the entire oral area.

Second sexiest accent on a woman’s face are the cheekbones. But in terms of photo and cinogenicity the cheekbones and does is in the first place. Therefore, the modeling of the cheeks of beauties, is involved in the show and film industries, is a top priority among aesthetic procedures. Stressing the zygomatic protrusion, it is possible to completely change the visual perception of the face (like overly thin and / or elongated and too rounded), to make it more harmonious. The cheekbones can be quite varied, but a symptom of aristocratic appearance traditionally considered to be high cheekbones. Men consider the face line high cheekbones very noble and attractive, and girls with such persons the carriers of a special «elite» genes.

In addition, the elastic cheekbones is not only a relief of the face, it is also a testimony of youth. Once flattened cheekbones (and this happens mostly with age) immediately arise: nasolabial folds, nasolacrimal and buccal-zygomatic furrow. The reverse process: restoring the volume of the cheekbones, You will instantly get rid of the above-mentioned age-related problems immediately and dramatically «rejuvenated».

The third most important attractant for the female face, psychologists are considered….eyebrows, not the eyes, as would most women. If You pay attention to the epithets of old are characterized by beauty, you will see how many of them it refers to the eyebrows: «sable», «braslet», «how to draw» «like wings». What eyebrow shape aesthetic perception of the upper third of the face. Psychologists have noticed that the highest point of the eyebrows are the most beautiful women is at 98 % of its beginning, traditional vs 93% in normal women. This is proof of how a seemingly minor change to the aesthetic dominant can transform You from an ordinary woman into a sex symbol.

By the way, correction, changing the shape of eyebrows is an art. And it’s not just about «plucking». Color matching, removal of forms is the prerogative of the masters of tattooing, but many people forget that young person may not be flat brow. As well as the cheekbones are considered to be the sexual encounter raised eyebrows. If You want to change the natural shape of your eyebrows should start also forming the right brow. A few units of Botox will provide a dramatic expansion of the eyebrows, and a small amount of filler will form a perfect brow arch. Incidentally, this technique often allows to avoid age-related overhang of the upper eyelid, and gives the «unbuttoned» look.

To sum up, lips, eyebrows and cheekbones, making Your face irresistible to the opposite sex. It refers to a light cosmetic «tuning» of these areas?

Of course, naturalness is beautiful, but if a small improvement in Your appearance will lead to a radical improvement in Your life, there is nothing criminal in this. After all, we all use cosmetics and men do not bother this little deception. The main thing to observe in all moderation, and to seek the delicate question to competent professionals.