22% of women do not shave and not appelrouth feet

For the vast majority of women, unwanted hairs on the legs was a disaster. That just does not go in the course of the electrolysis, wax, razor. But in recent years girls presents another opportunity to get rid of hair on the body permanently hair removal. Many salons offer a choice of a huge number of varieties at prices from the affordable to the space.

The portal «Women’s opinion» conducted a survey to find out who is in this difficult struggle comes the old fashioned way, and who expressed a preference for «innovative» technologies.

The survey found that almost a third of women (32%) in the fight against unwanted hairs chose the razor. The main argument in favor of the razor, in the opinion of survey participants, no pain, that even outweighs such a drawback, as the rapid growth of the hairs when shaving.

Another 12.2% of the girls surveyed use home remedies, the word that got under a hand. Although opponents of this method believe the sugar hair removal at home the most pointless option because the procedure is spend a lot of time.

The combined method is selected 27.8% of women. They combine laser hair removal in the salon, but at home I use an electric epilator and razor. According to them, after such manipulation «only grow individual hairs».

But technological advances are 6.2% of women who prefer only high-quality salon hair removal, but for comfort and beauty and are willing to bear the corresponding costs.

It is interesting that almost 22% of women argued for the natural beauty: they flatly refused and from razors and hair removal.

The results, as they say «face»: in this game, the championship received the razor, because our women are not willing to trade the convenience of shaving legs in painful hair removal.

In the survey participated 4310 women aged 20 — 45 years, living in 144 cities of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.