2014 is a year of bright Blonde

«Gentlemen prefer blondes» is an expression that has become a cruise. And in 2014 blondes prefer also: fashion designers, fashion designers, celebrities and virtually all those who are in communion with the world of fashion and beauty. Moreover, we are talking about classics of the genre — super light blonde, or as it is called «pergidrolevaya blonde» (peroxide blonde). Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Roberto Cavalli, Kenzo, Max Azria, Iceberg, Emillio Pucci, Ralph Lauren this is not a complete list of fashion houses, which presented the spring-summer collection models with completely clarified hair.

If You dare to try on the fashionable trend, be sure to listen to the advice of professionals. If all goes bleached hair? How to become «ultra blonde» without risking the health of the hair? What blonde shade to choose? These relevant questions are answered stylists of the beauty center «Dvoryanskaya Usadba» — experts in the field of fashionable color.

Bright blond is a lot of nuances and shades:

  • platinum (silvery gray),
  • Scandinavian (ash)
  • light beige (biscuit),
  • vanilla (baked milk),
  • white (calcareous),
  • Golden (yellowish),
  • Flamingo (pink)

This year, according to designers, the priority will be that platinum tint. This is probably the most complex and compelling blonde, because it is very similar to the gray. Therefore, we can recommend it only to very young and self-confident individuals. It is better to adhere to a rule: the older the age of the blonde, the warmer and more natural must be the hair color.





In addition ultra light blonde «not friendly»:

  • with too dark a tan
  • with irregularities and errors on the face: acne, enlarged pores, wrinkles
  • with too bright makeup
  • with large facial features
  • overweight

After an impressive exceptions list in «target audience» are elegant, well-groomed girl with a harmonious facial features and smooth skin. In fact, most of the ladies established themselves and believe 🙂 )

So, if You entered the community of «lucky intended for blonde», the main task is to implement the plan without spoiling the hair. After all, discoloring, i.e. to remove from the hair pigment, only getting to its core. To do this, without damaging the outer layers, only special high-tech dyes. Therefore, to bleaching, we recommend:

  • CHI (Farouk Systems), the official sponsor style contests Miss World and Miss universe — classics basemjondolo staining
  • Tierra Colorganic – the unique organic coloration with the possibility of lightening and a unique color palette

Take a look at the results of the work of our stylists. Sure, they will exceed all Your expectations: healthy, living hair the unrealistic bright colors!