10 tricks for those who shave their legs: how to make them smooth for a long time

Shaving is a simple, effective and, most importantly, painless (unlike hair removal) way to get rid of hair on legs.

With all the undeniable advantages, it also has disadvantages. For example, no long-term effect, the possibility of injury, skin irritation, ingrown hairs. However, all this can easily be addressed, if to shave my legs properly!

Below you will find 10 simple tips that will help you to avoid unpleasant consequences and to achieve the perfect smooth legs!

1. A bath, then a shave!

Heat and steam while you are lying in the bath (or stand under a hot shower), doing several things at once: soften not only the hair on the head but on the body, and open the pores on the skin. Now to shave you, it will be much easier and more enjoyable, and the result will exceed all your expectations.

2. The right razor there is!

According to studies, smooth legs you can get when using the razor having the following characteristics:

— The rounded shape of the head. This contributes to a better fit of the machine to the skin, and helps to shave off the short hairs.

— Pivoting head helps to repeat the curves of your body allowing you to shave off hairs even in the most remote places.

— Soft comfortable grip – the guarantee that the razor doesn’t slip out of hands and will not cut the skin.

In other words cheap disposable primitive stanochki Express men. Do not spare money on good comfortable razor — think of it as investing in your own beauty.

3. Simple motions.

How do you usually shave your legs? Not taking a razor lead her from ankles to knees (as pictured above) or even thighs? Are you satisfied with the result? I think not. Surely you have to pass the same spot with a razor several times, irritating the skin and risking injury. To avoid this, try to move the leg slow small steps (2-3 cm) and not too apply pressure to the machine.

4. The foam is not a toy!

There is a perception that shaving-cream – commercial move and, in principle, it is not needed. However, it will allow you to enjoy the shaving of the legs. Foam moisturizes the skin and provides glide. You can buy a special shaving foam. Can shaving gel he is perhaps even better. But it is a viable option and will be your balm-conditioner for hair. Usually they have a very suitable consistency and ensure a good razor glide over the body.

5. The body scrub is your best friend!

The skin is constantly updated. On the body surface is always a layer of dead skin cells. They affect the quality of the shave may become clogged between the blades razor. As a result, on the smoothness will have to forget. Recommend before each shave to thoroughly exfoliate the skin. It is best to use not very hard scrub with particles of medium size.

6. Softer, more tender.

Leather after shave very sensitive and requires special care. Try not to irritate her. NEVER RUB a smooth shaved surface nor bath sponge loofah, or even a towel. Wash with your hands or a very soft sponge, and dry skin — primakovite it with a soft towel. Otherwise you are waiting for troubles such as irritation, redness and rash.

7. Consider the features!

Advertising is advertising, but to find the means for shaving and skin care need based on your personal needs. For example, if you have dry, sensitive and prone to irritation skin not buy alcohol-free and flavoured products.

8. Don’t forget the hips!

Many women do not shave the hair on the top of the legs. It is believed that the hair there is light, subtle and almost imperceptible. Vnimatelnee but look closely and you may find that in your case it is not so! The test is very simple — if you are good you can see these hairs in any light, believe me — the man they, too, will notice that not very nice. But even more unpleasant it will be to feel them when you touch the thigh.

Don’t let these hairs to ruin your perfect image, get rid of them!

9. Hydration is the key!

Your feet need moisture. Give them a bit of bliss – after-shave use special moisturizing creams and lotions. This will reduce the chance of occurrence of ingrown hairs and rashes.

10. UV protection of the skin of the feet.

After shaving your skin will be deprived of the protective hairline and will become more sensitive to sunlight. Therefore, in addition to the face and shoulders, not forget to apply some SPF cream on your feet. Find the product that will not be bold and sticky to apply it was nice.

Use our tips, and shave their legs will become not only easier and faster, but also much nicer! Finally, we give another tip. The main thing about shaving is regularity. Try to shave your legs every day, and you will always be beautiful!